Profile- Dr. Anura Bale

Name: Dr. Bale Anura Prashant 

Present Designation: Principal & H.O.D. Sharir Kriya

Address for communication
Shri Ramnath Sadan, 39/F, Arlem Raia, Salcete – Goa. 403702
College address
Gomantak Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya and Research  
Centre, Vajem, Shiroda – Goa. 
Telephone number: 2736861
E - mail Address: bale_anura@rediffmail.Com, 
Date & Place of Birth: Panaji. 14/12/1962
Religion: Hindu
Education: BAMS, M.D. Ph. D., University of Pune.
21 years, I/c Principal from Jan 2000 to May 2001
                                        Sept 2002 to Mar 2003
                   Principal from Feb 2010 till date
Research works
M.D. To investigate biochemically differential Components of Kaphadoshotkatata, Pittadoshotkata,Vatadoshotkata stanya.
Ph.D. To assess the efficacy of herbal invention to improve breast milk physiologically by using biochemical parameters.
Research Project: 
1. Panchabhautic Model under All India Sharir Research Institute (AISRI).
2. PRAKRUTI Assessment.
1. National Award for Best M.D. thesis given by AISRI.
2. Best Teacher Award by AISRI. 
3. For Publication at Golden Jubilee Issue of Yoga Kshema Pravahika. Titled Ayurveda Present Scenario – Remedies to Improvise.
4. Fellowship Award by All India Sharir Research Institute.
1. Teaching Ayurveda for 21 years (Dec. 1993 onwards)
2. Worked as Examiner, Paper-setter, Expert in 
University Examinations in Universities of Goa and MUHS.
3. Ph.D Guide for Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.
4. Chairman Board of Studies in Ayurveda of Goa University since July 2005.
5.  Chairman Board of examiners in Ayurveda Goa University. 
6. Member of Goa Board of Indian System of Medicine & Homeopathy.
7. As a Private Practitioner practicing pure Ayurveda with Panchakarma for the last 12 years.
8. Conducted Workshops on Ayurveda and General Practice
9. Lecturer from December 1993 to August 1999
10. Reader from August 1999 till December 2005.
11. Professor from Jan 2006.
Guest Lecturer:
1. Delivered lectures at various institutions and organizations on different aspects of Ayurveda, application of Ayurveda and lifestyle.
2. Delivered lectures on All India Radio. 
3. Invited as Guest Speaker by educational institutions, 
socio-cultural associations in their awareness and orientation programmes.
4. Guest Lecture on Specific disease related to women at 
Asmita organized by Tarun Bharat 2010.
Conferences Attended:    
1. National Convention on Shareera & Workshop On Prayogika Shareera organised by SDM  Ayurveda College HASAN in Dec.1999  
2.  National Convention on Sharir at Sandilla (Lucknow)
3. Shabdavali at K. M.C. Manipal 2004.
4. Shabdavali at GAM&RC, Shiroda 2003.
5. National Workshop and Seminar on Sharir Rachana Organised by SDM Ayurveda College of Udupi in Feb.2006
6. STOP violence against women in the Home Organised by Goa State Commission for Women 
7. National Commission for higher education and research, Organised by DHE, Panaji  
8. Conference organized Ayurved Vyasapeeth Goa.
9. Education 2000 and Beyond organized by Vidhyavikas Mandal
10. Workshop on Sharira Kriya Syllabus at Sawantwadi
11. Second World Ayurveda Congress at Pune University 2006
12. Conference organized by Dept. of Forensic Medicine &  Toxicology - G.M.C. 
Papers Presented:
1. At HASAN on Sharir Convention.
2. At SANGAMNER Avaidhya SIRA.
3. National Convention on Sharir at Sandilla (Lacknow)
4. Concept of Panchamahabhoot at Conference at GAM&RC in 1999
5. Physiopathological Role of Prana and Udana Vayu on Vakshoparodha.
6. Prakruti our individualized constitution at International Indology Conference, Panaji 
Resource Person:
1. As Resource person at RoTP organized by Bharteeya Vidyapeeth, Pune.
2. As Resource person at RoTP organized by Govt. Ayurveda College Mysoore.
3. As Resource person at RoTP organized by Ayurved College, Nagpur.
4. CME organize at GAM&RC -Vyadhikshamatva Vikara -Vyanabala Vriddhi /Hypertension
5. As Resource person of CME organized by Directorate  of Health Services Goa on 13/10/2012.
6. As Resource person of CME organized by Directorate  of Health Services Goa and Goa Board of Indian System  of Medicine & Homoeopathy on 24/05/2013.
7. As Resource person at CME organize by Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya – Pune, on 07/08/2015
1. National seminar on SHARIR at GAM  & RC  Shiroda Goa.
2. Shabdavali at GAM&RC in 2003.
3. National seminar on VataVyadhis at GAM& RC Shiroda 2004           
4. National seminar on Shabadavali  at  GAM& RC Shiroda 2005  
5. National seminar on Endocrinology at GAM&RC Shiroda 2006
6. Two CME at GAM&RC Shiroda 2010
7. Ayurvision – 2010 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2010
8. Ayurvision – 2011 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2011
9. Ayurvision – 2012 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2012
10. Ayurvision – 2013 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2013
11. Two CME at GAM&RC Shiroda 2013
12. Ayurvision – 2014 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2014
13. Training Programme on Practical Demonstration Samhita  based clinical Methods of examination organized by RAV in  March 2015.
14. CME on Garbhasanskar in March 2015.
15. Ayurvision – 2015 Exhibition at GAM&RC Shiroda 2015
1. A regular columnist in the daily ‘Tarun Bharat’
2. Concept on Bhutagni on GYAN - Srotas
3. Rasayan & ageing on national Journal of Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth, Delhi.
4. A regular writer on Prabodhini Varta a Magazine by GAM&RC
5. On International Journal – Ayurvidya International 2015 – Volume -2 : Review on Pharmaco – Dynamics of Nasya.  
Special Interest: Reading, Listening to music
Web based biometric attendance
Hospital Management Solution
College Magazine
Student Union
Important Links
Bharteeya Sanskriti Prabodhini
Kamakshi Arogyadham

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